The meeting was called to order by president, Rob Otte.

One visitor was introduced: Dave Van Horn.

Minutes of the April 21, 2015 meeting were approved as published.

Club treasurer, Theo Alles, reported a bank balance of $10,171.32 as of 4/30/2015.

Rob and Elmer Miller informed members that the Jimmy Clewes presentation on Saturday, July 11, 2015 would likely be held in the Maker Space of UNL’s new Innovation Campus. University of Nebraska personnel are anxious to partner with community groups and are offering this space (with assistance from both students and UNL personnel) free of charge. Elmer said that UNL will be providing the noon meal within the budgeted $8/person allotment. Elmer mentioned that the Clewes presentation will soon be published on a UNL website and encouraged members to sign up if they have not already done so. Members reacted very favorably to these announcements.

The president’s Tip of the Night was in reference to using a Forstner bit to set the interior depth of turned objects. The small depression left by the Forstner tip is easily removed during the final stages of turning.

Mark Entzminger reported on his recent attendance of a Trent Bosch turning school in Loveland, CO, an event sponsored by Rocky Mountain Woodturners. He was very pleased with the types and level of instruction received, as well as the inspiration gained in experimenting with new styles of embellishment.

Sam Boon encouraged members to consider participating in some of the Marc Adams School of Woodworking classes. He has done this and has found them to be very helpful in providing both technique and inspiration for his work.

Fred Graber and Don Shelton will be demonstrating and selling items at both the Butler and Boone County Fairs this summer. Their appearance is in response to a request to the club by an representative of the Butler County Fair Board several months ago.

Rob gave a brief reminder about taking advantage of the many instructional items in our club library.

Rob mentioned that next month is our annual picnic meeting. After noting favorable member response to having had the picnic in the enclosed Antelope Park shelter last year, he will pursue that venue again for June. It was agreeable with the membership for this year’s picnic to be potluck, as opposed to having the club provide the dinner. The club will furnish beverages. Family members are welcome to attend that meeting. He, also, challenged members to turn a lidded box for show-and-tell at that meeting.

Don mentioned the possibility of getting ceramic pepper grinders for $5 each, rather than the usual $13. See him if you are interested in such an item.

Martin Costello has a quantity of Siberian Elm that was provided to him by a tree trimming company. See him if you have a use for this type of wood.

Club member Ralph Kosta was our presenter this evening, talking about and demonstrating techniques for making miniature bird houses, display racks, wine bottle stoppers and their bases. Ralph has a variety of special tools, jigs and procedures that help facilitate the precise alignment of parts as well as an eye for beauty that enables him to create products that are both unique and appealing. His considerable skill and experience as a turner were obvious, as was his willingness to help any interested member improve their turning and finishing techniques. His presentation was very well-received by members.


Recorded by Doug Wilson, secretary

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