This meeting of Great Plains Woodturners was held in one of the Maker Space rooms of UNL’s Innovation Campus. The meeting was called to order by Club president, Rob Otte. He reminded all present to wear a name tag—either from the file of member tags or by wearing an adhesive tag.

Minutes of the September 15, 2015, as printed via club website, were approved by voice vote.

Six visitors were present and self-introduced: Chris, Stephanie, Dick, Isaac, Tim and Heidi. Many suggested being either experienced turners or interested in learning more about the processes and tools.

Theo Alles, Club treasurer, reported that our club’s current balance is $5709.25 after all dispersals. His report was approved by voice vote.

Sam Boon reminded members to fill out an item data card and file it with other data cards when checking out materials from our media center and to replace that card with the returned item.

Rob reminded people that his tenure as Club president will end in March, 2016, so members should begin thinking of someone willing to take his place. This would include someone anxious to assume that role.

President’s Tip of the Night: If, when turning an item on the lathe, a wobble or unusual noise is sensed—STOP! This is often an indication of a loose chuck, a crack, or some other kind of change that has taken place in either the item being turned or the equipment being used. Reduce dangerous situations by being alert to sounds and vibrations.

Two ideas for a Club project were mentioned:

Pursuant to Rob’s previous suggestions of a large mobile as a possible project to be displayed on Innovation Campus, Doug Wilson had sent him pictures of some Alexander Calder mobiles that could utilize turned objects as the suspended weights.

Steve Mawson had sent Rob information regarding the national Beads of Courage program for children suffering extended hospital stays due to illness, injury or surgery. This idea generated the most interest. After considerable discussion, Rob suggested that members should plan to make turned boxes to fit the requirements of this program and have them ready to display at our December meeting. Gary Scott and Fred Graber will provide members with additional information.

This was our quarterly raffle night, so many donated items were selected by members holding the lucky tickets that had been sold during our mid-meeting break.

Tonight’s program was presented by Dennis Wattier, an Omaha turner that has received considerable local and national recognition because of his unique artistry with turned wood. One of his pieces is currently on display in the American Association of Woodturners museum in St. Paul, MN. The focus of his presentation and demonstration was on the manner by which he turns and fits together the many intricate pieces that make up one type of his many creations. He uses many techniques that enable his works to be of superior quality, while at the same time, promoting ease of replication and assembly. He was very responsive to the many questions that were asked about his techniques and finishes. This was another excellent program.

Rob gave special thanks to Liana Owad and asked her to provide members with insights regarding use of the UNL Innovation Campus Maker Space and how to become a Maker Space Club member.

The next meeting of Great Plains Woodturners will be November 17, 2015, in the UNL Maker Space.

Recorded by Doug Wilson, secretary

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